Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life and other things

Went back to Auckland recently for my best friend's engagement party, which was great it is always nice to go home! We flew Pacific Blue, now I am a bad flyer, it is the most ridiculous thing ever seeing I have been half way around the world and I get terrified flying from Wellington to Auckland.
So we get on the plane and everything is fine, now this airline is meant to be the fun airline, as I see it. So the flight attendants pull a few jokes, is this meant to make you feel more relaxed! Now I think that I am flying with some immature people who if we crash we will just laugh it off. The whole time this made me feel really uncomfortable, who am I putting my life in the hands off?
As I noted my best friend got engaged recently, and she asked me to be her maid of honour, which is so exciting. Not that I have much of an idea of what to do! My partner is getting harassed about marriage now, all very well it has been 5 years but i got to feel a little sorry for him!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shorthand sickness

Last night i had an asthma attack, which I haven't had since I was 5 years old,so it was all pretty scary and I turned into some sort of baby with my poor boyfriend running to my every need! Seem to be getting very sick down here for some reason. Maybe I am just not use to the cold weather down here! I know just get over it! But I have not seen so many sick people in my life, i swear my family is sick every two or three weeks who live down here. I even brought 50 dollar bottle of wonder pills with vit C, B, and D that don't seem to be working! Well its back to Auckland for me shortly maybe I can sort my immune system while I am up there!
I think I also have shorthand sickness! This sickness lingers over your head, it is a feeling that is always there and never goes away! You start to see words turning into shorthand and writing words in the air with your finger! Your days seem to have an hour's detention every day, sometimes two writing "shorthand" lines. Sleepless nights are also on the agenda. If anyone has a cure for this sickness please let me know.
Giving up is not an answer, otherwise I will fail my course! Any other journos had the same problems out there?
Back to shorthand and my asthma drugs!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The world is making a fool out of me

When the Olympic opening aired in New Zealand at around midnight. We all were in awe over the whole display, the wonderful creative collection of "mini" acts that displayed China to the world and portrayed an ideal peaceful world. It was amazing! Today I found out today that some of the fireworks were in fact a light display that took a year to prepare, it was still amazing but here I am thinking it is something it in fact is not!

Not only did this occur, I was reading the paper and my tutor pointed out that a photo of a golfer taking a shot and a golf ball flying in the foreground was in fact a supposedly a fake. The golf ball drop in front of the camera and the golfer set up to look as if he was taking a shot. Is this how boring the golf was? A news report is there to capture the moment, the news and life of the event. But rather the photographer choose to set up his own moment.

Tonight I was watching the news to find that scientist are under way in inventing a invisibility sheet. Kind of like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. This will create bends in the light so you can not see an object. As yet there is no chance it will be making a person invisible but may be something that will occur in my children or grandchildren's lifetime.

I suppose the world will continue to fool me!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Will the rain ever stop?

Recently in the newspapers we have been swamped with stories on weather, since last week the country braced itself for the worst storm in ten years. My folks in Auckland were out of power for about 3 hours and others I know were stuck without power for about 10 hours. The storm down south was not so bad, or maybe I am adjusting to Wellington's climate.

In class we were asked to follow up on any effects from the weather, here I am thinking it wasn't so bad, apart from some heavy rain last night. Behold when I come home there is a slip on my road, the whole road is closed and a house is threatening to fall from it's foundations with residents evuated from the house. It also started to rain at this moment as I interview people affected in the pouring rain soaking from head to toe. I guess I should not underestimate Wellington's weather!

In Wellington papers there is almost guaranteed article on slips in the winter months. This does not exictement me really, but maybe this is because I am not in the property market yet or I have not lived on the side of a cliff all my life like a lot of Wellingtonians.

It seems to me that this year there has been extreme coverage on the weather, don't these slips happen every year and last winter there was a similar storm that caused lots of havoc. But in news terms weather effects all of this therefore it must be one of the most newsworthy items and points of interest

Friday, August 1, 2008

Porirua and the World Cup

This week's poll on The Dominion Post is should Porirua play a role in the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

By my understanding the final event will be held in Mt Eden in Auckland. There has been much debate over if this will cost Aucklanders too much with the amount of extensions required to pull off the event successfully. At the moment there will be some extensions made to the Mt Eden stadium. hopefully this will be completed by 2011.

So while having Porirua play a role in 2011 Rugby World Cup sounds like a good idea to help include smaller towns of New Zealand. Who is going to pay for this? Can the people afford to pay for this by 2011?

Why spend money out in a different town when there is a wonderful stadium in Wellington that is already ready for possible events like the rubgy cup. At the moment Wellington's stadium is better than Auckland's and is in my opinion one of the best in the country.

With the cost of petrol uncertain, will it be worth while having practise fields far away from central Wellington, where the game will be played.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is it really worth it?

Auckland City recently have got trolley sized recycling bins to replace the smaller carry bin. These bins are paid for in their rates and allow them to recycle more items.

My experiences recently in Wellington have been the opposite!

Recycling, requires taking cans and bottles to a small green bin every day and then putting it on the curb to be collected. This does not bother me and I feel like I am doing my part for the environment!

The part that bothers me is why are people stealing my recycling bin? I had one and this disappeared in the wind, so I accepted this and went and got another one, being a good citizen and paid my ten dollars, as Wellington's bins are not included in their rates....The bin turned up two weeks later looking very unharmed.

Also on my visit to collect my bin I am told that I need to be sorting my recycling and securing them into plastic bags (apparently due to wind). Into one bag of plastic, glass bottles, food tins and cans then another bag of paper and cardboard. Then I need to put these plastic bag into the recycling. So here I am trying to save the environment with my environment bags and I am told I need more plastic bags!

My next bin got stolen somebody collected it and off they went. So feeling annoyed, I still went and got another one, at ten dollars again. I plastered my address everywhere and off it went out on the curb and so far has come back after rubbish day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fashion Worries

I am having problems adjusting to Wellington's sense of fashion. I have thousands of high heels in hibernation till further notice. The hills! How am I meant to wear these shoes? I see girls around town walking around in high beautiful shoes but I just cant do it, maybe my feet are not properly trained being from flat surroundings in Auckland and being use to just walking around to get to my car or go into work.

Moving here I feel I am required to have some sort of instant out going, slightly strange sense of fashion. I am shunned if I even mention the word "mall" and all the normal shops it holds! A mall in Wellington would be ideal, going to town on a windy wet day is not appealing to me. But maybe I haven't developed that second skin all Wellington people have, no matter the weather they are out and about. I just want to snuggle up inside!
So I travel to the closest mall in Lower Hutt to get my home comfort and to shop in the warmth! And some normal clothes, maybe it is just I can't be bothered with searching for hours for clothes!
Or I will always be a true Aucklander and stick to my catwalk fashion!